Welcome To Campbell Icefield Chalet

Welcome to the Campbell Icefield Chalet.

Whether you’re seeking a weeklong winter ski-touring adventure or an idyllic summer alpine retreat, the Campbell Icefield Chalet can satisfy your desires.

For over 20 years, guests have been experiencing exceptional winter ski touring with many groups returning year after year. Now the opportunity exists for an equally fantastic SUMMER adventure. Once the deep winter snow melts, a pristine a carpet of wildflowers and alpine meadows is exposed. The network of hiking trails makes for easy access to the meadows and the high mountain ridges.

The Chalet offers the same comfortable accommodation that welcomes skiers in the winter. The individual bedrooms, indoor plumbing and a deluxe sauna with showers ensure that you won’t be roughing it while enjoying a Rocky Mountain getaway.

Bookings are available for 3 or 4 days from July through early September. Access is via helicopter from our staging area just west of Golden, BC. You will need a minimum group size of 10 but the chalet can accommodate up to 20. You can choose to be self-catered and self-guided, allowing you to bring and cook your own favorite meals or, catering and guides can be arranged.

Check here for available dates for Winter or Summer at Campbell Icefield Chalet.

The Campbell Icefield Chalet Legacy

The legacy of the Campbell Icefield Chalet began in the late 1990’s when Bernie Schiesser was piloting his fixed wing through the western Rocky Mountains looking for a suitable location for a backcountry lodge. He brought his fellow guide and neighbour Eric Lomas in on the endeavour and as they say, the rest is history. The Chalet and the surrounding terrain have been a winter ski touring playground for thousands of avid outdoors people looking for an extraordinary winter adventure.

Bernie and his wife Terry have recently decided to ease out of the lodge operation and Glen and Louise Crawford have taken over their shares in the business. Glen has spent numerous weeks at the Chalet over the last 11 years and he and Louise are very thankful that Bernie and Terry have deemed them worthy of continuing the legacy.

The Campbell Icefield Chalet has always had a business model of offering self-guided, self-catered bookings and that isn’t going to change. It has helped make the opportunity for an outstanding backcountry winter experience within the means of a lot of folks. Recently, the Chalet has opened for summer use offering the same opportunity for guests to hike and explore the alpine environment. As a self-guided/self catered operation, the lodge can be booked by a minimum group size of 10 people and can accommodate up to 18. If a group desires a cook and a guide that can be easily facilitated making for a deluxe alpine adventure.

If you would like to hear Bernie tell his story about the Campbell Icefield Chalet, you can view this 12-minute video with Bernie in conversation with John Gow:

Waiver Requirements


With immediate effect it is now a requirement of our insurance company that all guests review and agree to our waiver terms as part of the booking process.  In addition to reviewing and agreeing to the waiver in advance of booking, all group members will also be required to complete a waiver at the staging area in front of our representative before they board the helicopter. At that time each and every member of the group will sign the waiver and have it witnessed. To view our waivers, please follow the links below:

Winter Waiver

Summer Waiver