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Category: Conditions Reports

Apr 30, 2024
Although the past week didn’t see much new snow, travel was fast on a hard crust and the group made their way around in good travel conditions. Trips were made up East Peak and all the other usual spring locations. The snow pack dropped to 180cm at the Chalet but as of April 30 it’s ... [read more]
Apr 21, 2024
Who knew mid-April would be one of the best weeks of the winter. It started with warm spring conditions and a couple of days of +15c with great corn snow. Then it got cold, -14c and we has 25cm of fresh pow. Lots of fun skiing the trees for a couple of days and then ... [read more]
Apr 08, 2024
Guests at the chalet have been going after bigger lines with the freeze / thaw conditions. The key to doing that is being there in the right point of that daily cycle. There’s been a little dust on crust but there’s more snow coming this week. Tips up! ... [read more]
Mar 31, 2024
Now that we’re officially into spring it sometimes means the best of both winter & spring. Cold snow was found on N facing slopes last week  and small amounts accumulated early in the week. The last couple of days were primo Rocky Mtn. spring skiing. The snow pack is holding at 200cm, pack your sun ... [read more]
Mar 23, 2024
The group this past week saw full on spring conditions with double digit temperatures early on. It cooled off later in the week and there was fresh snow on a mostly supportive crust. Your pack these days needs to include sun screen, ski crampons, glob stopper skin wax plus all your usual winter gear … ... [read more]
Mar 15, 2024
The group this week experienced 56cm at the start of the week and consistent temperature below freezing. Skiing was excellent in the trees and in the alpine. The snowpack reached 230cm again but warmer temperatures during the end of the week have allowed it to consolidate a bit down to 220cm. This is maybe 60cm  ... [read more]