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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is a catered and/or guided option available?

A1: Catering and/or guiding at the Campbell Icefield Chalet are available. Please enquire about current rates.

Q2: Are children welcome?

A2: Yes, children are welcome at the Campbell Icefield Chalet; please enquire about reduced accommodation rates. Children two years old or younger may fly on their parent’s lap in the helicopter. Older children require a paid seat. Spring is a particularly good time to enjoy the lodge with children, with longer days and milder temperatures.

Q3: Can you book one or two spaces in any given week?

A3: We only book the cabin to groups. People interested in individual or small-group bookings can ask to have their contact information and request posted on our “News” page. Groups looking for additional members can use this to contact you and extend an invitation. Likewise, groups looking for additional people can also post on the “News” page.

Q4: Can you fly in mid-week?

A4: Yes, you can fly in or out mid-week. You will be responsible for the entire cost of chartering the helicopter.

Q5: What are the radio frequencies?

A5: The frequencies are as follows: Simplex: 155.025, Repeater  Receive: 155.025 and Transmit: 159.855

Q6: Does the cabin have electricity?

A6: Yes, we have a micro-hydro system. It generates enough power to light the lodge and charge batteries. There is also a back-up gas powered generator.

Q7: Does the cabin have internet access?

A7: No, the cabin is an internet-free zone.

Q8: Are there two way radios at the lodge?

A8: There is a base station for communication with our office in Golden, BC. There is also a hand held two-way radio that can be taken into the field.